Here at Tenley Studio, we are the only place in town that offers exclusive ballet classes specifically designed for adults. 

Ballet is a wonderful addition to the Tenley repertoire. It provides an excellent compliment to the other classes offered at the studio. The class is technically structured and focuses on the fundamentals of classical ballet. It will teach you proper body alignment, and help strengthen muscle control, which will improve coordination and posture. You will develop body awareness, better range of motion, and an increase in flexibility, all of which will aide in injury prevention. In addition, you will strengthen cognitive performance and reaction times, making it a useful tool for your everyday wellness. Ballet will also introduce you to musicality and rhythm, as well as a general appreciation for the artistry of classical ballet. If you want to feel graceful and beautiful while getting an incredible workout, then come join a ballet class. 

Below is a list of classes offered to accommodate all levels: 


Beginner Level
  • This class moves at a slower pace
  • For those who have little knowledge of dance or want to get back to the basics
  • Focus is on foundation and the principles of ballet technique


Open Level
  • This class moves at a slightly quicker pace
  • For those who have a greater understanding of ballet, but ALL are welcome
  • An accelerated class including more complex combinations, that can be modified depending on your personal level of experience


 What to Wear:

We recommend dance or active wear and to bring a pair of socks if you do not have ballet slippers.
*Please note that you are not required to make any special purchases for this class.

We offer a Ballet 101 Workshop twice a year. This workshop is designed for the true beginner. Please check back with us under the workshops tab for current dates and times.

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